Bobee Bobee the Birth-a-day Boy!

Bobee Bobee the Birth-a-day Boy!
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Ahh…. woke up early to Bob’s 67th Birthday! I have to say he is in remarkable shape for this advanced age and is still in fine fettle. He had a card and a kiss from me but we are buying his present (new IPAD) in either Hong Kong or San Francisco. His choice.
When we set off for Salida there was a massive road crew working outside to re-tarmac the road from Patnem to Palolem. Long overdue. It has been frankly disgraceful in parts due to monsoon damage. Most of the road labourers are women, working in saris. An odd sight for Western eyes but they work sooooooooooo fast. By the time we came back tonight they had laid the new road all the way to the Palolem t junction and very fine it is too! A huge difference when travelling by tuk tuk.
Nice day at the beach. Bob had calls from both girls and another sizeable Amazon voucher from them which is just the BEST thing to have when you are a long way from home. He was so pleased to hear from both of them.
Had a good surprise planned for tonight. John and Sue had stopped off in Margao on their way back from Old Goa yesterday and bought a bumper firework selection as a finale to Bob’s day. Some totally mega bangers – like bazookas! – and a box of more scenic large fireworks. They snuck them down to Cuba in the morning before coming to Salida for breakfast.
Anyway, tonight Suresh came and picked us up and drove us to Boomshankar for sundown cocktails. Lovely drinks but a disappointing sunset as it went hazy at the end. It is a very scenic bay anyway so it was nice. I had my usual Passage to India as did Sue. Bob had a strawberry daquirii, and it must be said that they make the best ones there. John opted for a Goan Margarita which was a frozen sort and made with fenni and not tequila. To say it was vile would be to compliment it. And not only that, but it gave him a sever brain freeze on first suck followed by the realisation it tasted like frozen petrol. On second round he had something different LOL.
Walked down to Cuba and they’d laid us a special table out on our own on the beach. Just lovely under the stars. Nice tandoori food and g&ts. Serenaded by Leonard Cohen’s greatest hits that we’ve discovered we all like! Finally…… the fireworks…… they were spectacular. Started with two enormous bangs and showers of light, then a long spell of colourful high fireworks and finally….. well…. this mega blaster. It nearly blew the poor waiter who lit it up the beach. His friends who’d come down to watch were in fits of laughter. I don’t think I’ve seen a more blinding flash than when this thing went off. Just a wall of white light. I was so stunned, I didn’t catch it with the camera,, jjust the afterglow but you’ll get the idea of the size of the lights.
A really nice day. Muchly enjoying Sue and John’s company and so glad they are liking Goa so much.

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