Sickness and Health

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Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Thursday was spent at the beach. In the evening we went to the Steakhouse to see Suffragette. I had a lovely steak and we really enjoyed the film. Well worth seeing. Caught a glimpse of Daisy in the beginning of the racecourse scene. Will have to watch it in slow motion on our dvd when we get home.
By the time we got back to the Tubki, I noticed I had an irritatingly dry throat and could tell that a cold was coming on! Heaven knows where I caught that from. Maybe Chaudhi???? Anyway, woke up Friday morning really congested and feeling lousy. Luckily we have loads of medicine with us so I dosed myself up with Lemsip. Horrible stuff but it made me feel a bit better.
Stayed in the Tubki all day, just reading and playing on my laptop. At least it was cool and comfortable. Went down to the beach last night with John and Sue and we ate at Roundcube. Good food as usual. I had a hot rum toddy. Rum, apple juice, honey and spices. It was really really delicious and worked just as well as the Lemsip.
Woke up this morning feeling a bit better but still not up to sunbathing and the beach. Did a bit of painting in the morning. Brought the kit with me full of good intentions but this is the first time I’ve got it out. Will have plenty of chance I suppose on the ship. Anyway, decided to do one of the two girls. Sisters on a bed!
Caught up a bit with the Night Manager. What a great series. Very much enjoying it.
The swimming pool is now fully functioning which is a great relief. So nice to get in it for a rinse off after the beach. The restaurant is still as ill managed as ever. We had breakfast here today. I ordered two black teas, one with milk on the side. The waiter brought two jugs of milk. Thinking to save waste, we said “no we only need one milk”. He looked most put out, “no you ordered 2 milks”! “No just one”. He clearly considered arguing about it but then spun on his heel and walked off!!!! Why? It’s free? He is the worst waiter ever and must be related to Mr Tubki or he’d be gone by now.
Tonight back to Steakhouse for Spectre which we missed when it was out before Xmas. Still feeling a bit crook but must get back to the world again tomorrow

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