Mother’s Day at the Beach’s Day at the Beach
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Felt a bit better this morning so we returned to Salida and the beach. Poor John had been poorly in the night (they’d left the Steakhouse before the film started) so John and Sue stayed at the hotel. It is really quiet on the beach now. No more competition for loungers. I don’t know if it will get busy again towards the end of the month with Easter and Holi coming but at the moment, it’s dead.
I felt like a massive burst of vitamins this morning so had a tropical fruit salad for breakfast. Absolutely huge: pineapple, banana, pomegranate, orange, apple, papaya and strawberries. Had a cup of ginger, lemon and honey tea. Not a mix. Actually shredded ginger, runny honey, lemon slices, tea and hot water. Mix to taste! It was good.
The sea was glassy again, very clear and very warm. We had several good swims and spent the rest of the time reading. By about 230 we’d both had enough though. I was coughing a lot and felt a bit “cotton woolly” and Bob is tired. I’m probably disturbing his sleep. So we came back to the Tubki and relaxed in the cool. Lucy facetimed us from Budapest when she woke up to wish me a Happy Mother’s day. It was lovely to see her. Sounds like they are having a fabulous weekend. Have never been there myself but maybe we should give it a try. Sounds very reasonable.
Obviously being Mother’s Day, my mum was in my thoughts today. I think of her every day to be honest and I can imagine her and my dad here in Patnem. They would have enjoyed the beach life. Not the food…. but then…. you can eat western food here very easily nearly everywhere.
I also sent love to Harriet, my second, adopted American mom. She was mom of my exchange family when I spent a year when I was 17 in the U.S.A. and we have stayed super close ever since. Another wonderful, inspirational woman.
Bob and I had dinner on the beach. John and Sue still not up to it. We stopped on the way down and printed out some of the documents we will need for Hong Kong. Can’t believe we leave in just a week’s time.
Had dinner at Tantra. Just the best Palak Paneer. Also had a tomato dish and Bob had Prawn Biriani. I actually couldn’t finish my g&t. I am obviously very ill indeed. Daisy called me when we were on the beach to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. She sounded bright and chipper. It makes all the difference to be able to keep in touch with the girls so easily and cheaply.
Got a tuk back to the Tubki. Hope I wake up tomorrow feeling a lot better.