Beginning of the last week…

Beginning of the last week…
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Feeling a lot better today, still with an annoying cough but by the evening it seemed to have disappeared. Let’s hope that’s the back of it.
Had a lovely day on the beach. Bright blue sky, very warm, clear sea. Just perfect conditions. John was back to fighting fitness and he came down to Salida on the Royal Enfield motorcycle he’d rented for a few days. Sue walked! It’s a practically new bike with a very snazzy, new helmet. Rather German in nature.
Lots of swimming and cribbaging went on. We all left the beach at about ten to four to go back to view the new Marylyn and Clive apartments. They are really coming on now and the teams of carpenters are all in there building the bedroom furniture and also all the electrics are being put in place. They’ve really done a great job I must say. Everyone was most impressed. We will definitely stay there next year. There are 16/17 rooms and maybe 10 of them will be a/c, the rest fan cooled. All have massive double beds, balconies, 2 bedside tables, lamps and really nice bathrooms, tvs. Some have kitchenettes with induction hobs and fridge/freezers. There is one two bedroom unit and two rooms that can be interlinked to make a friends/family double unit. Marylyn has really listened to what people want and has put it in place. There are safes in each room, kettles and there will be daily maid/cleaning service. Rates are very reasonable especially for longer stays. They will have their website in place by the summer with pix but for now if you want to get in touch, let me know and I will give you their email.
Came back, got changed and then tucked to Boomshankar for sundown cocktails. It was a brilliant sunset tonight as the sky was so clear. We enjoyed two rounds of cocktails as the sun set and viewed some of the birdlife in Colomb Bay. Took Sue to the Kashmiri dealer nearby and she bought two pashminas. They are just outstanding quality, the best I have found in this whole area. Quite out of the ordinary. He also has amazing Kashmiri needlework rugs which I would love to buy and bring to Cyprus. Which is a bit mad when Turkey is so close but I do like these Kashmiri ones…. maybe next year???
We had dinner at Magic View because John’s tummy is still recovering. Divine gorgonzola spaghetti for me. I just can’t get past it on the menu. Bob had spaghetti vongole which was quite spicy but delish and then he had panacotta for dessert. They make a lovely one. We walked back across the beach at the waters’ edge and then home up the beach road. Have booked a special dinner for tomorrow night (Sue and John’s last) at Roundcube. Rocky is doing us a Murg Masallam with all the trimmings. So nice to have north Indian food down here.
A lovely day. We will miss John and Sue’s company when they leave. They’ve been great companions and we have discovered much in common. I hope they come back next year and I’m pretty sure they will.

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