John and Sue’s Last Day

John and Sue’s Last Day
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Picture perfect day for John and Sue. Blue sky, hot sun, empty beach….. John was up early, fully recovered to take the bike on a visit to the bridge and river on the approach to Talpona south of Patnem. Had a lovely trip by all accounts.
He was at breakfast when we arrived at Salida. We heard on the way that today was the Shiva festival in Rajbag or The Banana Festival as it is better known. We have been to this festival before and wish we’d known it was today as it was already underway by the time we got to Patnem beach and the tide was high so we couldn’t walk around to Rajbag beach. Anyway, the format is that the figure of Shiva is paraded in state from Chaudhi to Rajbag beach in a sort of tiny portable chapel. In preparation many stalls are set up on the beach selling offerings including “goody bags” of incense, bananas, trinkets and sparklers. To my limited understanding some of the aspects of the festival are to do with fruit and vegetables and thankfulness for the harvest. Anyway, after everyone has lined up and paid homage to Shiva, the crowd progress to the seashore where the bananas are thrown into the ocean. All the children then dive into the waves and vie to retrieve as many bananas as possible. Tremendous fun. Sparklers are lit and it’s all a great family occasion. Over by about 1130. Wish we’d known it was on…. next year, we’ll go again.
Anyway, had a lovely day on the beach, left a bout 350 and called in on Marylyn on the way back to book our rooms for next year. All went very well and we have got it fixed up. John and Sue are booked into a great room overlooking the front with sea views. We are looking out over the rear garden. Need more takers now so that we can colonise the top floor LOL. Some friends and their friends from Cyprus are also coming next year and they wanted the Tubki so went to see Remedian (the manager) this morning on their behalf and she has offered them a great rate for deluxe rooms in the new tower. We are very happy with our room offer from Marylyn. So that’s done…. just need to decide what other adventures will accompany Goa next year….
I went to the little beauty parlour across from the Tubki for a leg waxing and pedicure. It took about 2.5 hours! The girls is really really good but she is so thorough and slow…. Bob, John and Sue were stuck into cocktail hour on our patio by the time I got back. Great hot pink toenails though :). And the smoothest legs ever!
Ate dinner down on the beach at Roundcube. The Murg Masallam did not materialise as there were no large chickens in the market. Instead we had tandoori tiger prawns in butter garlic and a variety of other dishes. Fabulous. Sat out under a veritable carpet of stars and just enjoyed the ambiance and the warm night. At one point John and I attempted to launch a Chinese lantern. It was probably doomed to failure after John put a finger through it, and it’s fate was sealed when we burnt a hole in the side…. see…. I told you they were difficult to fly!!!! This one bounced ignominiously along the sand and then crashed. The candle bit burnt for a long time though…
Shall really miss John and Sue, they’ve been a total pleasure to share Goan time with and we look forward to seeing them in Kent and back here next year.

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