Half Way to Frisco

Half Way to Frisco
San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

We are now half way to San Francisco, bang slap bang in the middle of nowhere. 2 more sea days to go till we arrive on Monday morning. The wind has been quite fierce despite nice sunshine and therefore there’s been quite a swell. Force 8 yesterday. Maybe a 6 today. Hopefully it will quieten down from now on. To be honest, the ship hardly moves even in these conditions. There is a mild sway on the upper decks but not even close enough to making you feel ill. I find it quite comforting. I like it when I stir in the night and feel the sway, and the odd jolt, and I know I’m on board and sailing…
So lazyish days. Some good art classes. Some excellent shows. Last night a violinist called Analize Chung who was just amazing. She’d been on Britain’s Got Talent and played for the Royal Family amongst many other audiences. Such high energy and just an amazing talent. Tonight we had New Zealand’s top tenor, Benjamin who was also just fantastic. We had another cocktail party tonight around the swimming pool. Had about 4 glasses of champagne and some very delicious canapes. Marco Pierre White dinner tonight: Halibut fish course and Beef Wellington for me.
Our distance from civilisation was brought home this afternoon when a call went out over the ship for urgent blood donors. They were looking for a B- or O- blood group with a donor card. Someone obviously in a very bad way. We are about 1000 miles in all directions from land, so helicopter etc is not an option. I hope whoever it was is ok.

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