Almost There!

Almost There!
San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

Last sea day before San Francisco today. And The Art Exhibition!!! There is an art gallery on board Arcadia and today we had it in there. A good showing of pictures done on this cruise sector. There are a couple of really fantastic artists on board this time and it was interesting to peer at their work and try and pick up some techniques – other than just their talent of course. I put some of my dogs up too and it was really gratifying how many people loved them. I felt quite embarrassed. Shall have to do a couple more in the next segment. I think another schnauzer and a labrador LOL!
Last night we went to see the Killer Queen show. One of our favourites from previous cruises and I must confess I was slightly dreading it with this troup who are not as good – in general – as those last year. However, the technical facilities of the theatre are so amazing that it quite overcame some weaknesses in the cast. Having said that the girl who sang Show Must Go On (my absolute all time Queen favourite) was totally brilliant and it was one of the best renditions I have ever seen. Shall go and see it again just for that. My main gripe with the cast – and bear in mind this is a dancing/singing ensemble – is that 3 of the 12 have obviously spent far too long at the buffet. I dont mean to be unkind but in an occupation where the visual is important, this is unforgiveable. Very, very overweight people in lycra mini shorts and leotards are not a pretty sight.
Norra lorra other news. Looking forward to being on and near land now. I really like the sea days but you are very very out of touch, particularly on the Pacific. It’s a long way to anywhere, the wifi is awful, the news channels are a bit dicey… I miss being able to talk to the girls every day. Unlike my generation, they are hopeless at letter writing or even long email writing. They just don’t do it and never have. You get twitter sized messages or infuriating questions like “Can we Facetime?” followed by days of silence….. Communication for the under 25s just doesn’t exist outside of the mobile or messaging, so if they are removed….. it’s difficult. Anyway, in California we will be 8 hours behind the UK so by late morning our time the girls will be home from work and we can Facetime them. Looking forward to that so much.

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