San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

Set off from the ship at about 9am and got a tram to near Union Square, the commercial centre of San Francisco. Bob had an appointment at the Apple store to download all the data from his old IPad to the new one. The trams are great. Superfast and pretty cheap. Travel as far as you can in 90 minutes for $2.25 or even cheaper by daypass. Utilised some free Apple wifi on my “superior technology” ie my Windows notebook LOL and had a FaceTime with Lulu. Then I went off and did some shopping in the stores around there while Bob did his download. Fantastic shopping in SF, if only I was richer 🙂 Got a few presents though.
When Bob finished we had a look around the Bloomingdales mall on Market street and had a really long FaceTime with Daisy. She was cooking Lucy dinner! Poached salmon with homemade tartare sauce plus veg. Wow. Maybe living with Lu is rubbing off on her cooking ambition.
After that we walked down Market Street enjoying the sunshine. We found the food cart that sells South Indian food that we remembered from last year. Had to have a Masala Dosa of course. Just shared one because they are mega huge. On we wandered. Did a bit more shopping And then came down to the Embarcadero and walked along that. The old Ferry Building is now a huge food hall with many different foodie outlets inside and some restaurants too. Had a mooch around. Remember being in there with the girls in 2012 when we were here together.
Got back to the ship at about 4pm. Its a long walk but a lovely one. A lot of people – maybe 1000 – got off the ship today and a whole load will be getting on for the last section back to Southampton. A lot of the Australians get off here so the balance of the ship will change again. Will be interesting to see the new faces.
Had a lovely dinner and then went to see The Man from Uncle. An enjoyable fluff. As it ended the ship pulled away from the dock and we dashed up onto the rear top deck to watch. The lights faded away fast but the bridges looked so beautiful. We bumped into Iban the Spanish tutor up there. He was on Aurora with us last year and we always bump into him in all sorts of places wherever we are. He’s always looking for photos and wifi just like us! Anyway, we all said goodbye to wonderful San Francisco together. Can’t wait till next time.

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