Cruising down the California Coast

3.1460590041.bob-enjoying-his-g-t.jpgCruising down the California Coast
Catalina Island, CA

Catalina Island, CA

Cruising down the California coast today towards San Diego where we spend tomorrow. Lovely sunny day and warm in the sun. We didn’t wake up till 10am and then hastily dressed and went up to the back deck where we pegged out with books and coffees. No swimming today but plenty of sunbathing. Just a perfect sea day. Stayed there all day till it was time to head off to art. The subject was a robin today and true to form Bob and I produced totally different birds. Mine was a big fat fluffy robin and his was far smaller and neater LOL. It must be a reflection on how we view the world!!!!!
After that we took gin and tonics up onto the rear deck which was empty by then and we commandeered a couch and laid back and enjoyed the sunshine and our drinks and just enjoyed the sun and the sea….. moments like this are why we enjoy cruising so much. Just being on our own… peace and quiet….. the horizon and the water…..

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