Daisy’s First Day!

Daisy’s First Day!
Malta, Malta

Malta, Malta

Daisy arrived at 8pm last night and we picked her up at the airport. So delighted to have her here! She was exhausted so a good sleep and we all slept in till about 9am. Then a proper English fried breakfast kicked the day off well and of course she was delighted to pull back the curtains to a cloudless sunny day.
In the spirit of “chillaxing” we decided to stay around the pool today and begin diving tomorrow and that is what we did. Pegged out by the swimming pool with our kindles. How they’ve changed our holiday packing. Gone are the days of the sports bag filled with paperbacks and that anxious feeling as you realised you were approaching the end of the stock…. the desperate glances at other people reading around the pool and wondering if they would be willing to swap….the disappointment of a visit to the hotel library to find a few scratty paperbacks all in Russian and a cowboy novel…. I can read as fast as I like now and as much as I like. It’s wonderful!
So a lot of swimming and sunbathing took place today. The sun is really strong. And a nice dry heat. There are plenty of umbrellas and you need them even with good tans. Plenty of people around the pool working up a nice second degree burn….
Tonight we had a roast chicken dinner on our balcony and toasted the sunset with some cold PG! All courtesy of LIDL. We will eat out a few times but most of our holidays these days have to be taken with a view to being “as at home” but in a different place. So, self catering is largely the way to go, unless we’re in Goa of course.. Speaking of which it is already looking to be a bumper crop of familiar faces out there next year.
Up reasonably early tomorrow to go off diving. We are going to visit two caves at Ghar Lapsi as a first dive and then we’ll see….. It will be a good warmup day for Daisy after 18 months+ out of the water and goodness knows Bob and I really need to try those steps again! Nothing like ascending about 100 steps whilst carrying a full set of diving gear on your back. I remember when I was about 30 I went diving with my club at Lulworth cove in Dorset, Durdle Door in fact. My friends and I were invited to a birthday party in London so after the dives we wanted to depart early, before the boats were able to ferry us back to the car park in Lulworth. We actually hiked up a narrow cliff path with all our kit on and then walked back across the clifftops all the way to Lulworth. LOL. So…. I mustn’t complain about the steps. They are as nothing in comparison.

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