The Little Mermaid!

The Little Mermaid!
Malta, Malta

Malta, Malta

We were on our way to St Paul’s Bay by 830. A lovely sunny day with just a slight wind. Daisy signed her life away at Maltaqua and we loaded up the car with 6 cylinders so that we could do two dives if we wanted to. Our plan was to go to Ghar Lapsi and dive the two caves there. However, when we arrived we could see a swell breaking over the cove entrance and the rocks around the cave exit. It was perfectly diveable but we wouldn’t have been able to exit via the cave into the pool like we did the other day. As this is one of the highlights of the place, it was time for a plan B. So we drove back north to Popeye’s Village, more correctly known as Anchor Bay.
It was really sheltered here and we were lucky enough to be the first divers on site so we could pull the car right down the approach lane to the jetty. There were some sunbathers and fishermen on the jetty though. Anyway, we kitted up and got down onto the nearest point and entered the water there. Had to be careful coming past one fisherman and Bob slipped on some slippery rock, went flying and scattered Mr Fisherman’s stuff akimbo and trod on his bait!!!! Luckily Bob was unhurt other than a slightly sore hand and the fisherman took it well. Daisy and I had a little giggle to ourselves. I must admit I had not great expectations of the dive here but in fact it was really nice. The underwater scenery was very pretty with large, plant covered rocks, a lot of fish and very clear water. The cliff edges of the cove were striking.
Daisy did really well after a break of over 18 months. She was absolutely fine in the water, buoyancy good etc. But she was COLD!!!! Despite the wetsuit, I could see her shaking with cold. Next time we will try her with a hood and some gloves and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise it may have to be an extra jacket or a thicker suit. She has no meat on her bones that’s the trouble LOL.
About half way along the wall is a very large cave which we explored. Nice red algae inside. It was possible to surface in the cave and look around above the water. Quite a large chamber. That was interesting. Then we circled back to the jetty, swam around to the other side and came out via one of the ladders there. About 45 minutes in all. A good introductory dive.
Broke out the picnic which we enjoyed on some big flat rocks which also acted as heating pads. Decided not to do a second dive today but definitely to do two tomorrow. Went back to Maltaqua and swapped the three used tanks for three fresh ones. They are very busy at the moment. Lots of divers who would have gone to the Red Sea are now in Malta. Good for business there.
Picked up a few extra groceries and then back to the hotel. Daisy and I headed to the pool and sunbathed. I fell asleep! Bob had a hot bath and fell asleep. We were all tired!
This is a lovely place and we are so lucky to be here. In many ways. We have dear friends at home, several families, who are having some hard times healthwise that stops them – amongst other things – from travelling at the moment. Sometimes Bob and I feel a bit guilty that we do travel so much. But, then on the other hand, life can strike a hammer blow when you least expect it, as we have seen… so…. we carry on to enjoy every minute we possibly can. It won’t last forever. Time is ticking. Funds are dropping. Joints are creaking. If it all ended tomorrow, I would want to feel I had no regrets. Is that even possible? Don’t we always want it to go on forever? Thank god we cannot see our own futures. We just have to take it day by day, have goals on the horizon and work towards them.
Another quiet dinner in the apartment and a movie. We brought a stack of dvds we bought in Goa out with us and working through them. A good day!

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