Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Have had a couple of really cracking beach days. It’s turned very, very hot all of a sudden. 38C today. Brilliant sunshine and no clouds. There’s never any clouds in the winter. We’ve been in and out of the water all day and I have been keeping my in water running up.A few of our company have gone temporarily by the wayside. David and Eddie (Cyprus 8) have eaten bad hamburgers on a trip to Agonda and possibly have a touch of ecoli. Headaches, temperatures and ….. well…. “trouble down below”!! They have had a couple of days confined to their rooms and are on some antibiotics so should be on the mend soon. Very unusual occurrence. Gloria has also been under the weather but she is on the mend now.
Last night we went to the Steakhouse to see Denial, a film adaption of the David Irving libel trial in 1998 I believe, when he sued Penguin Books and Professor Lipstadt, who had written a book calling him a “holocaust denier”. It was absolutely excellent. Great ensemble cast and quite a gripping court drama. Obviously, also enjoyed were the steaks and the gimlet cocktails. Just delicious. There were 8 of us.
Tonight we had a special dinner at the Eva Resort that they put on just for us. We sat in the front garden area and it was so lovely and cool. The food was excellent. We had fried vegetable starters with a mint dip, then butter chicken, vegetable korma, palak paneer, rice, salad, chapatis and fruit and custard dessert. Such a good evening under the stars. Gloria came up to join us.
Tonight 4 of the Cyprus 8 went home to the UK so just Eddie, Pamela, David and Debbie left at the Tubki. The girls came down to visit us after dinner but we’d just turned in!

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