Beach Days

7.1485381313.1-sunsetBeach Days
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Today it has been 3 weeks since we left England! It’s gone by in a flash and yet it seems ages ago we were in Mumbai. Part of the relaxation of this place is that the days start to blur together in a rhythm of moving between the beach and the village and back again, swimming and reading, eating and swimming……
Our numbers are now slightly diminished. The Cyprus 8 are now the Cyprus 4 because Heather, Chris, Chris and Terry have returned to the UK. The medicine is working its magic on Eddie and David and they have returned to the beach. Which is great because the temperature has been around the 37/38C the past few days, so the beach is where you want to be. Joseph and Janet are back in the Patnem swing after just a few days. Janet has started yoga classes and is enjoying starting the day with a gentle exercise potter on their balcony followed by fresh tropical fruits and yoghurt there. Joseph is breakfasting at the Chai shop on egg or omelette sandwiches, or at the Capitol Organic with Bob on Masala Dosa. The verdict on that was that Krishna pancake is better but Capitol filling is better and Krishna chai is much better.
If Bob is not going into Chaudhi or to the Capitol for masala dosa, he comes down the beach to Salida for breakfast with me. I am currently fixing on 2 poached eggs on toast with black tea to set me up for the day. Bob sometimes has that but also likes porridge with banana or the South Indian breakfast of baji puri.
After at least two cups of tea we retire to our “Second Bed” i.e. the beach lounger and read. And swim. I am still running in the water several times a day. Probably for an hour overall. And I can see and feel results! Why have I never thought to do this before??? Shhh…. it’s catching. I saw 3 other people doing it today. Copying me 🙂 I wonder if they sing as well. Today I did a medley from Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and David Bowie. The sea was so fabulous. Like green glass.
And a coincidence! I have just finished reading a most intriguing book called Appletree Yard. And then I look in the paper and its just started to be televised amidst much commenting on its content of Over 50s Sex!!! Well, I shall give nothing away but its well worth watching. Lots of twists and surprises.

Tonight some of us ate at Cuba.. I had fresh crab cooked in a masala sauce. It was really delicious but horrendously messy to eat. The rest of the food was good too and gin and tonics very nice.