Sunset Sundowners

7.1485381313.passage-to-indiaSunset Sundowners
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Scorching hot today. I must have spent hours in the water, bobbing and occasionally running. I actually walked the beach back and forth today as well. Can feel myself getting fitter. Bob left the beach about 330 as he wanted to get a full shave before we went out. It’s crazily cheap. You get a head massage, cream then foam applied, a double shave with cream in between, then hot towel and after shave and balm for 60 rupees which is about 75p. I fell asleep on the sunbed and then had to get home in a rush as we were going out early tonight to catch the sunset.Bob had booked 4 tuks to take us to Boomshanker – or BumShagger – as some disreputable types call it!!!! 🙂 🙂 There was a slight screw up with the understanding of arrangements so some people set off in tuks and Bob and I set off walking with one tuk coming back to pick us up. We encountered the entire cow herd with calves along the way but luckily they did not attack! Quite a nice sunset tonight. Not a 10 out of 10 but much better than the other night which was a right squib. I had 2 Passage to India cocktails which are lovely – gin, cranberry juice, lime, honey and ice. Bob ordered a Black Russian but was delivered a White Russian. He enjoyed it. He then ordered a Black Russian again and got one, but decided he actually enjoyed the White Russian more….. They are quite strong and good value at £1.75 each. We then walked down to our table reservation at Magic View. We were 10 in number by then. I like Magic View but really they are horribly arrogant and intransigent. You can’t make any adjustment to the dish on the menu. So for example, I ordered King Fish. What does it come with?, I asked. Salad and bread came the reply, and there’s no alteration. That’s ok I said but please just bring me it with salad, leave the bread off the place. What do I get….????…. King fish with salad and bread…. chef obviously decided he knew better than me and I must have bread. I gave it away. Ridiculous. They offer 3 sorts of pasta. John ordered spaghetti vongole but asked f he could have penne vongole instead. No. Yikes. Having said that the food is great, portions are good. But….. in all honesty I would probably not choose to go there that often because a. it’s like a carb fest and b. I don’t much like their attitude. If you’re desperate to eat pizza or pasta in Patnem, this is the place to go. But, I’m never desperate to eat either of those things so……
Tuk’d back to Eva Resort and the a/c felt soooo good when we got to the room. Active day tomorrow so hopefully a good sleep.

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