Back to the Beach

7.1484416165.bob-and-meBack to the Beach
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

After all the hustle and bustle of yesterday, it was fabulous to get back to the beach today. We breakfasted in Salida at about 830 and the sea was like a millpond. Had lots of swims and a fair bit of reading. Quite a few of our number had headed into Chaudhi to pick up glasses from the opticians and the like. It’s a busy time here in the towns as India cranks up to elections next week. There are quite a few vans touring around with candidates on loudspeakers. Also from the 2 -5th there is a total alcohol ban everywhere. A severe blow to many…… Not entirely sure why those of us who cannot vote are also banned from alcohol but heyho, that’s the way it is.
Tonight we ate at the Jaali Café which is tucked away in a garden setting behind Salida. It is western food, served as small plates. What to say….. ? We tried this place several times last year and I found it, to be honest, over priced for what it was. Tried it again tonight. Last time for me…. The atmosphere in the garden is quite nice, I like the way it looks, but I really think the food is very average for the price they charge. I had chicken drumsticks in chilli jam and fried cauliflower with tahini. There were two small chicken drumsticks in a jammy bbq sauce that was not spicy. The cauliflower dish was ok. Bob had pork belly, which was about 7 or 8 small slices of pork belly, very fatty. He also had salt and pepper calamari (about 6 small bits) and a ginger cake dessert. He had a beer and I had a g&t. At £17, it was by far the most expensive meal we’ve had in Goa, and also by far the smallest amount of food we’ve had in Goa. This would be acceptable if it was also the most delicious food we’ve had in Goa. It wasn’t. Nuff said….

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