Patnem, India

Patnem, India

It’s been very hot the past couple of days. Unseasonably hot really for this early in the year. Nearer 37C during the day and about 29C at night. Spending lots of time in the water to keep cool. Last night we ate on the beach at Namaste which is one of our standards. Enjoyable meal and fantastic margaritas. A full meal for both of us and 2 margaritas each came to about a tenner. Great value.Today I left the beach just before 4 and went to one of the little beauty parlours and had a pedicure and a hair cut and trim. It was a tiny place but she had all the equipment. Gave my dusty feed a good scrub with all manner of unguents and trimmed and painted my toenails a daring deep red. My hair had got pretty long and curly wurly so she thinned it out and took about 2 inches off all round. She was quite bemused by how thick my hair was. “Madam it is very thick”! she kept saying. “Does it fall?” Errr…. no…. I shall never be bald! LOL It came to £8 including tip for the lot. I shall return!Tonight we went to a beach restaurant called Bougainvillea and watched the film, “Lion” inside a sort of tented dome. It was a very nice venue actually and a good screen and sound quality. The film is just superb and if you haven’t seen it then I do urge you to go. Everyone is very good in it especially Dev Patel and the little boy who plays him as a child. Very emotional and touching. The meal was also good value and the usual sort of beach price at around £10 for 2. I had palak paneer which – if you read this blog a lot – you will know, I often do. Tomorrow Pamela, Eddie, Deb and David head off on their Golden Triangle week which will be very exciting. And Joseph and Janet have 2 friends arriving in the late afternoon for 3 weeks. They have not been here before.

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