Gloria Moves!!

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Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Two hot beach days with the sea now so warm there is absolutely no chill about it. I am going in every 30 minutes or so. You’ll be delighted to read my tan is now pretty amazing đŸ™‚
Yesterday Gloria moved from the little room she has been in since the accident to a room on the ground floor of Eve’s. It is more than double the size and a heck of a lot cooler and more secure. Not air conditioned (they’re still all occupied on the ground floor) but very airy. We came back from the beach early to move her. Her daily lady had already taken all the stuff over, just a few items left to bring across. We got Gloria into the wheelchair and then by pushing, dragging and, at a few points, lifting we got it and her across the sandy surround and into Eve’s. She seems delighted with the room and hopefully it will mean she is tempted to make use of the balconies and sit in chairs rather than lying on the bed. She has now put her departure from Patnem to Kathmandu back till 16th March in the hope she will be much more recovered by then.
In the evening a group of us went to the Steakhouse to see “Deep Water Horizon”. It was pretty good, quite exciting. Not the best copy of it, the sound seemed a bit indistinct at times. Enjoyed it though. I normally have a steak there but last night I had Chicken Cordon Bleu and I have to say it was totally delicious.
Back to the beach today. There are quite a few Russians around at the moment which is most unusual in Patnem. Generally its too low key for them. However. A group are staying at the Tubki and spending their days at Salida. Most obnoxious people. Two middleaged men, peasant faces, fat bellies, dripping in very, very heavy gold jewellery, bad swimwear, accompanied by 4 young women in their early 20s who are not their daughters. At least I really hope not by the snogging displays in the water. Apparently they are very noisy at the Tubki too at night. Loud music and drunken-ness. Hope they go soon. And never come back! Tonight we had a small “Welcome to Eve’s” drinks party in Gloria’s room. Brought down some beverages, ice, lemon, nuts and had a very nice half hour. Then we walked around to Kala Bahia which is a restaurant and hut complex on the little peninsula at the northern end of Patnem Beach. It’s where The Hidden Gourmet restaurant used to be. Ye She joined us as her cottage is next door and she had eaten there often. The food was really excellent. I think they are using the kitchen staff that used to work at Hidden Gourmet as it is all western fine dining style. I had coq au vin with mash – delicious. Bob and most others had posh fish and chips. Roz had a beetroot, quinoa and tenpur burger. Everything looked fantastic. Afterwards Bob had a deep chocolate tart and there was also a cardamom, rose and coconut cheesecake. Would definitely eat there again. Not cheap (for Patnem) but very much worth it. I was sooooo hot, we tuk’d back. Very hot tonight. Thank god for the a/c.

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