Giant Dosas etc

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Patnem, India

Patnem, India

It has turned very hot now. More like April than the end of February. Absolutely roasting and also hot at night. Thank heavens we have a/c to sleep in. It’s actually hot enough that the idea of sleeping on the beach or on a roof becomes tempting.
It’s been a big weekend here in Goa. Carnivale for the Christian parts, a special Shiva weekend for the Hindous (otherwise known locally as the Banana Festival). There are major parades for Carnivale in the main cities like Panjim and Margao with lots of big floats, dancing troops and of course music. A remnant of Portugese culture here, much like in Brazil. We have been to the Banana Festival twice, so didn’t go today. Mainly for the children who end up diving into the sea to retrieve as many bananas from the offering packs as they can.
Bob has had a new experience at the Krishna in Chaudhi. He got offered a normal Masala Dosa or a large Masala Dosa. Of course he had to try the large. It was totally enormous and stretched across two platters. Naturally he ate it all.
Beach day as usual. Much swimming, reading, rumicube and cribbage.
Gloria continues to make progress. Today she used her walker to walk to the balcony and sat there for 2 hours. She also walked into the bathroom for the first time and used the loo. Huge progress. And tonight she ate dinner in the Eve Restaurant with Ye She, who wheeled her in there.
We were going to the Steakhouse tonight to see Florence Foster Jenkins but it was changed at the last minute to be something called A Streetcat Named Bob. Didn’t sound too hot so we walked down onto Palolem Beach and ate there. Still so hot, so it was great to eat out under the stars. Had a long Skype with Daisy which was excellent.