Hot Dog Days

7.1485554507.joseph-and-janetHot Dog Days
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Hot, lazy couple of days. Yesterday we had a final Chai Shop breakfast with Joseph and Janet which was lovely. A tearful goodbye as they set off for Nepal. We will see them back in the UK soon…. and they will have a fabulous time up on the roof of the world.
Other than that, it’s been mainly beaching. The water is so warm now, you really have to just stand there after getting wet and let the breeze and your wet skin cool you down. It’s not that cooling in the water itself.
Have seen quite a lot of Gloria who continues to make great progress, probably speeded up by the horrid realisation that its getting down to just us to look after her LOL!!!! No…. thankfully for Gloria there are still others around 🙂 Mark comes down every day. He had a nasty accident last night walking across the rough ground shortcut to the beach to play a gig. A crazed dog appeared and bit him on the leg, in a silent attack. Apparently he was the fourth person to be bitten by the dog in the same day. Needless to say the dog is no more. Mark had to go up to the hospital in Margao for rabies, tetanus and other shots. Very unusual occurrence.
Tonight we all went to the film at Bougainvillea. It was John Wick 2 starring Keanu Reeves. It was absolute **** and we all left after about 45 minutes as soon as we’d eaten dinner. I have no idea what the so called plot was and he could have been replaced by a wooden stick wearing a floppy haired wig. Thank god it was free.