Padden’s Last Day

7.1484416165.eddie-watching-the-fireworksPadden’s Last Day
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

So today was the last in Goa for Pamela and Eddie and also Lee and Jane. Pamela and Eddie fly back to Cyprus late tonight, and Lee and Jane fly to Delhi for a few days tomorrow after breakfast before returning to Australia.
It’s been such a pleasure to share the time here with Pamela and Eddie and all their friends, and a great pleasure to meet Jane and Lee. Hope to see them again, either in Cyprus or “down under”. Pamela and Eddie we will see in Cyprus later in the year of course.
So, today was spent on Patnem beach. It was a hot, clear day, a bit breezy in the afternoon. The weather has been a bit weird this year. It was unseasonably hot and a bit humid at times in February – more like March weather. And yet in March, it has reverted to the more “perfect” February weather i.e. sunny and not humid.
Getting to the end of the Holi festival now. Still a lot of drumming going on. Haven’t seen any paint throwing yet down here.
Had my hair cut this afternoon and a full pedicure and toenail paint. Cost me about £9 in total!!!! Rather pleased with my shorter layered hair. It had got a bit long.
Tonight we all ate at the Tubki. Gloria came out of the hotel for the first time since the accident. We wheeled her up the road but she walked with her stick from the Tubki carpark to the table which was about 50 metres. She can really walk well with the stick now. Managed steps with it several times. A massive step forward in every way. She’s so very much recovered. A few weeks at home now will have her totally back to normal, I am convinced. We had a really convivial dinner at the Tubki. Lots of laughter, good food and drinks. Returned to our hotel at about 1030.
Sorry to see the guys go. Pam and Eddie have been here two months and it’s flashed by. We actually have less than 2 weeks left in Patnem ourselves now……