Ups and Downs


Ups and Downs
Palolem, India

Palolem, India

It’s been a funny few days. There have been goings and comings and comings and goings….. Gianna went off to Hampi and then came back again. Eddie, Pamela and co went off to Panaji on an overnight trip, and came back on Thursday. More of that later.
Bob and I have had a quiet couple of days in Patnem, at Salida. We had dinner with Gloria at our resort on Wednesday night which was very nice. She is still doing well. Bob had a trip into Chaudhi to get her more medicine. She will definitely be able to go home on the 16th. Needs to make more progress with the stick rather than the walker, but still there will be no problem on the plane.
Eddie, Pamela and all arrived back on Thursday afternoon and had had a good time up there sightseeing. Liked the Panjim Inn but hated the mattresses which were apparently super thin, traditional Indian ones. We can sympathise with that. In the evening we all ate at April 20. Had a nice meal and some g&ts and then Bob and I left Gianna and the Tubki-ites there as we had to get back for Gloria. Apparently after we left, Mike and Linda started to feel ill and headed back. Overnight Pamela, Mike and Linda were all incredibly and violently ill. Eddie, Jane and Lee were all fine. We highly doubt it was the food at April 20 as they are pretty scrupulous and also we were all sharing a lot, so we think we’d all have got it, if the problem was there. But they did stop for ice cream on the way back from Panaji and that is the suspect.
Very unfortunate as Friday was Eddie’s 70th and all of them were still too ill to come down the beach during the day. We were meant to eat at Cierans in Palolem to celebrate but changed that to the Tubki. As it was, Pamela couldn’t come down and Mike did, but fled when the food started to come out. We did our best! Poor Eddie. A memorable birthday.
Before dinner Bob and I tuk’d into Palolem to pick up my resized ring. He’d done a great job. Its a lot more roomy and I can get it on! I am so delighted. The ear rings weren’t ready as he wanted to check with me about the exact stones. My ring is zulcanite and diamond and he can’t get zulcanite so he is matching with either green amethyst or a shade of morganitte. In the end I decided that the ring would be even better another half size up. He said he thought that my fingers would shrink when I got home out of the heat and that is probably true…but….. I don’t want to get home and find I am still not able to easily wear it.
Today, people were a lot better. Linda, Mike, Jane and Lee walked down to Eve’s at about 8 and we set off for Cozy Nook at Palolem. It is the Holi weekend so no tuks were running but we managed to find a cab that would take us as a double journey, 3 at a time. Saw some lovely black pigs on the walk into the beach.
Set up camp at Cozy Nook and then found out the bird trip boats weren’t running either because of Holi. Luckily, the canoes were available so they paddled themselves down the river to see the birds. All enjoyed it. Pamela and Eddie arrived at about 11, Pamela looking much better. Had a really lovely day. The weather was perfect today. Very clear blue sky, some breeze, about 34C. The sea was idyllic and like a bath.
Tonight we took tuks into Palolem to go to Cierans. Very very annoyingly, as today is the election result day (Congress Party won in Goa), there was no alcohol on the beach. This was a very odd decision as the off licenses seemed to be open and our own hotel bar, and the Tubkii’s was open and definitely serving drinks. We ummed and awww.d but eventually stayed and ate at Cierans. It wasn’t the best meal we’ve had there. Service was definitely off, very slow and the food wasn’t great tonight. We were all a bit flat too. A jug of their sangria would probably have lifted the evening but it was not to be.
We came back to Eve’s and Bob rigged up his Ipad to the big tv in the bar to stream the England vs Scotland rugby match. I turned in!

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