Turtle Beach Return

7.1485554507.jaaliTurtle Beach Return
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Today we headed off to Turtle Beach. Bob and the gang decided to walk. I decided to have a lie in and then take a tuk. So….I did. Shiresh drove me over about 915 and I set up base camp at Santosh restaurant and sat and had a lovely breakfast there under the trees. So peaceful. About 10ish I walked down the beach and had a swim. Turtle Beach is a full on surfing beach but early in the morning it is reasonably calm and you can swim. I’d been in about 10 minutes when I saw Bob and the gang arriving up at the shack. I went back up and joined them for a cold drink. I sensed that some members of the gang rather wished they’d joined me in the tuk LOL……
We all walked down to the lagoon and had a long wallow there. So nice… and lots of shells. Very enjoyable.
Wandered back for lunch at 1ish. I had rawa (semolina) fried oysters and shared a very cold beer with Bob. He had rawa fried calamari. All delicious and mostly caught in the mangroves behind the shack. After lunch I lazed out on a lounger and fell asleep. Some noisy Russians woke me up and I then read a bit. Wandered back down to the beach and had a swim. The surf had got up by then and had a bit of a wipe out at one point under a rogue wave. Sunned out on the sand with Bob. Last swim then a tuk back to Eve’s about 4pm.
Gianna came back from Hampi tonight. We came down to the bar after showering and Gloria was there (she’d made her own way!!!) and we had a drink with her. Then we went down to Salida and met the gang for dinner. I had a really delicious Nepali thali platter based around a main course of spinach curry. Highly enjoyable.