Cocktails and Captains!

Back to balmy normal today! Hot sun – 28C/82F – and the wind and swell down to a low level. We must have caught the edge of a tropical front yesterday to account for all the rain. Although apparently the wind is going to get up tonight again.
Some friends have asked if it is rough enough for queasiness????? No, definitely not. It’s a very very minor movement which we barely notice. The drama in the swimming pool yesterday is just that the pools register it more than a human does. Or at least I haven’t seen anyone, or heard anyone complaining. Certainly 😊 it doesn’t seem to have affected anyone’s appetite!!!!!
These big ships hardly move. It is true that the purpose built ocean going ones, move even less. But, in any case, it is rare to encounter rough weather on a cruise. They must have amazing weather monitoring equipment because they seem to be able to largely steer around, even rain squalls. Of course, on a Transatlantic or Transpacific voyage you are going to get the potential for more of a swell than on a Mediterranean, Caribbean or cruise to the Baltic or Norwegian fjords. Especially in the winter or late autumn months. We always advise people considering cruising to start either in the Med or on one of the northern waters cruises which only take place in the summer. The ports of call are fantastic and in the case of the fjords you see the stupendous scenery from a unique viewpoint.
We laid out around the aft pool again this morning, reading. The ocean has been incredibly empty. Haven’t seen a boat, bird or plane since we left Lisbon. I imagine we may see more tomorrow as we near Bermuda.
This afternoon we were invited to a special wine tasting event. It was hosted by one of the senior sommeliers and we tasted 5 wines: 1 prosecco (delicious), 1 white Italian wine from Sicily(horrible, bitter), 1 Californian Merlot (ok, too tannic), 1 Argentinian Malbec(very heavy and dense) and a delicious Chilean dessert wine. Accompanied by some cheese and nibbles. The wines were a strange mix to be honest and, other than the prosecco, I wouldn’t order any of them. We tasted with two Canadian couples. One of them was a mother and son. He was interesting. He was a programmer/graphic artist working for one of the largest British owned movie special effects software houses. They have recently done such films as Wonder Woman and all the Marvel ones. Very interesting to talk to and hear the process.
Tonight we had an invitation to the Captain’s Cocktail Party. Our Captain is in his 40s and Italian. He greeted us at the entrance to the nightclub where the party was held. We had some champagne and chatted to people. They made an award to three couples who have each spent around 1100 -1200 nights cruising with Princess!!! Yikes. That’s a lot of cruises.
Had a quick dinner alone tonight – table for 2 – and then went to see a Tina Turner Tribute in the theatre. Excellent.


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