Approaching Bermuda

Our last sea day before Bermuda! A hot sunny day although the sea is quite rough. We are headed pretty much head on to the swell, and that works well with the stabilisers so that there is very little discernible motion. It’s only the movement of the water in the pools that really gives it away.
Anyway, after breakfast, we pegged out around one of the main pools and watched the morning movie on the big screen, which was “Grease”. Most enjoyable.

Great to watch while building up the tan.
Stayed up there all day, even through the afternoon movie which was bizarrely, “Lego Batman”. Not an obvious choice for a ship full of – optimistically – middle-aged people and above.
Looking forward so much to our day in Bermuda tomorrow. We haven’t been to Bermuda since 1991 when we were there with my mum and dad and Lucy, aged 13 months. Lucy said her first word in Bermuda, which was “dog”, pronounced “DODGE”, referring to a golden retriever, Flora, who belonged to our guest resort owner. Bob and I were still living in Chicago at that point, a few months from relocating back to the UK. We’d been to Bermuda 4 times in the previous 3 years running BSAC diving instructor events for the branch there and on the 1989 visit we got married there. So it is very special to us and has very happy memories.
Tonight we went to the early show. It was a double bill show: Chris Watkins, the amazing modern violinist who we saw several nights ago in partnership with Todd Adamson, the vocalist who has also done his own show. They were both amazing. We planned to go back to see them again in the late show but we ended up sharing a table at dinner with two very interesting American couples and just got chatting… and the time slipped away. OOooh before dinner we decided to treat ourselves in the martini bar and had two delicious Tanqueray martinis. A lovely evening.