Marriott Golf

Bob and Dave played the 9 hole course at our resort this morning.  It was laid out by Nick Faldo in 2001 and has a golf institute attached to it.  It used to be called the Nick Faldo Institute but now it is just the Marriott Golf Institute.  It’s a pretty good set up and winds around the resort.

Bob has played it in previous years.  It’s quite a tough course for a 9 hole.  Lots of water obstacles and some nasty jungly roughs you have to hit over to get to the green.  Not too badly priced at 40$ each including buggy and cold drink.  They enjoyed it anyway, donated a number of balls to the landscaping and managed not to meet any alligators.

Fran and I had a leisurely breakfast on our terrace and then went down to the pool.  It was quite overcast today, although very warm, around 28C.  It was nice to have a morning off from the parks.  We’ve walked so far over the last few days.

All had lunch together in the condo and then Fran and Dave departed back to Melbourne.  Enjoyed their company very much.  Bob and I briefly considered going into one of the Disney parks but instead had a very lazy afternoon in our place.  I did some washing, we caught up on Strictly, Bob had a sleep in the massive Jacuzzi bath….. managed to facetime with Lucy a couple of times.  Can’t believe Daisy will be with us on Saturday.  Time is flying by…..


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