Shopping and a Visit to Harriet

Overcast today and this afternoon it absolutely torrented with rain, as it can do in Florida.  We were inside for most of the day anyway so it didn’t matter.

This morning we went to the Premium Outlet Mall nearby to us on Vineland Avenue.  There are lots of shops there and we barely scratched the surface of the place in the 2ish hours we spent shopping.  Very pleased to get some more Xmas presents there.  Some very good buys today.  Bob managed to get himself a new golf hat and also one of the Nike t shirts made of a hi-tech fabric which he finds cooler than regular cotton.

About lunchtime we headed off to Melbourne to visit Harriet at her residential care home.  It’s a really nice place, all on one storey.  Everyone I saw was ambulatory, albeit nearly everyone with walkers.  Harriet has a two room suite and it’s really good, with a small kitchenette although all food is supplied.  We had a good chat and a catch up and then headed to one of the games rooms for afternoon bingo.  Played a number of cards over about 1.5 – 2 hours.  Each card was 25cents with the winner taking the pot.  We won 3 times including the final jackpot!!!!!  There was a big crowd playing so it was quite exciting.  Very enjoyable.

After that we went to a music concert in the music room.  A seven piece bluegrass group playing and singing.  Very enjoyable.  100% better than the entertainment on the Carnival Splendor LOL!

Went for an early dinner at Ruby Tuesdays.  We drove Harriet and met Frannie, Dave, Buddy, Stacey, Randy and Cathie there.  An excellent salad bar and I had grilled salmon to go with.  It was very good to see Harriet so cheerful and positive today.  We had a really good time.