Lazing at Typhoon Lagoon!

Today we visited one of the two Disney water parks: Typhoon Lagoon.  The premise of the theming is that there’s been a massive typhoon has laid waste to a tropical paradise and left behind pools, creeks, a lagoon, shipwrecks on top of mountains, and a host of slides, tubes and much watery fun.  The central pool is, I believe, the largest wave pool in the world.  It is truly massive, surrounded by beach area and little coves where you can shelter from the surfing waves.

Yes.  Surfing waves.  During the surf periods, a massive wave erupts every 90 seconds.  I do not use the word massive lightly!  When we first visited Typhoon Lagoon some years ago, Bob decided to go for it and catch the wave right at the point it erupts in the deep of the pool.  This decision was taken without research….. Anyway, he swam up to the point and then….. realised he’d made a really, really bad mistake…. Seconds later, after being caught in something that resembled a roll through a waterlogged tumble drier, he emerged, washed up, trunks drooping, on the beach, minus cap, sunglasses, watch, and waterproof pouch containing his ticket, car keys and money!!!!!!  Luckily, said debris also washed up and they were reunited.  So… not to be taken lightly but its a lot of fun provided you pick your spot.  In fact you can have surfing lessons in the pool every morning before the park opens.

There are countless other tubing, splashing, sliding adventures of various degrees of thrill.  There are children’s gentle areas, family white water raft rides, dark tubes and our personal favourite, the Lazy River.  This is a very long creek style pool that winds around the park.  It takes about 20 minutes to do a circuit.  The river has a gentle current that moves you along through tropical greenery, misting rain forests, icy cascades, a waterfall fronted cave tunnel, past shipwrecks and all manner of themed debris.  We just love it.  Spend hours on it.  Have many memories of being on it.  In 1996 Bob and I floated around it discussing whether he should leave his job of 22 years, now turned heinous, and set up his own business.  We totally credit Typhoon Lagoon for that great decision.  Many memories of the girls on it.  We used to have to carry a shield for Daisy when she was small (be honest: we still do!!!) because she hates the cold showers from the cascades and squirts.    Its a great way to spend a few hours on a hot day.  Which we did today!

The thing that makes Typhoon Lagoon stand out from any other water park is that it is just beautiful.  You can’t see the tubes or the rides, they are totally concealed in the landscaping and as natural looking as possible.  Not a concrete jungle like so many are.  It actually feels like a tropical island.  Everything is surrounded by jungly growth, beautiful flowers, bananas, bamboo….

So today was interesting!!! Typhoon Lagoon was like Little England.  We hardly heard an American voice.  Reasons are: it’s half term at home this week; BUT MAINLY, the temperature today was 25C.  That’s cold by Floridian standards.  The lifeguards had jackets on most of the day LOL!!!!  The sun was strong.  People were getting burnt.  Well… Brits were getting burnt…..  It was gorgeous.

Left the park at about 4pm and headed home for a break.  Spoke to the girls.  Lucy was heading into a chilled weekend.  Daisy had arrived at the Premier Inn, Heathrow prior to flying out to join us tomorrow.  Just can’t wait!

Tonight we headed back to Hollywood Studios to see Phantasmic, one of the night time shows there.  Stunning extravaganza as usual.

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