Daisy Arrives!

Today, we were extremely excited, waiting for Daisy to arrive.  We woke up to a text from her saying that she was on the plane at Heathrow so we knew she was successfully en route.  This was a bit of a relief as we were anxious about the United Airlines ticketing.  Her check in procedure did not include seat allocation and her ticket had no seat allocation.  She was informed this would be done at the airport.  Given their chequered history of late, we were afraid she would be bumped at the last minute and had vivid pictures of her being dragged down the aisle by the hair!!!!  Anyway, all was well and all segments of the journey went to plan.

We had an enjoyable day waiting because Fran, Dave and their son, David, came to visit.  David has just passed his bar exams here in the States having finished his first degree and then Georgetown Law School.  He has worked so hard and his success is greatly justified.  He is spending this year working for a Federal Judge before taking up a position with a large law firm in Miami next autumn.

So, we had a good catchup over some beers in our condo and then a few hours round the pool.  They left at 3 to watch a football game and we headed off to Orlando airport to pick up Daisy.  She arrived bang on time and we came back to the apartment.  She unpacked, had a shower, a glass of red wine and then we headed out to dinner to meet Dave, David and Fran.

We’d booked a restaurant just up the road, Oishi Japanese Sushi and Hibachi.  We had a really good dinner but the place was really pretty rubbish.  The food was just about ok but the service was terrible and the hibachi chef was the poorest I’ve ever seen.  They added 18% for service which I personally would have argued but……  I can’t imagine they will still be in business when we next visit Orlando but I wouldn’t go back anyway.

Such a good evening despite that, with funny chat and very good company.  So very glad to have Daisy here.  She was utterly knackered by the time we got back to the apartment at 10pm.  Tucked her in and she was just about gone…..