Animal Kingdom Again!

A very full day today.  We do seem to be having a full on time here in Orlando.  Going to be very ready to get on the train next week and be inactive for 30 hours!

Bob and Daisy began the day with their usual enormous cooked breakfast…. life is cruel…  and we were on our way.  Traffic was a bit busy today and we were slightly late getting to Animal Kingdom to meet Mike, Laura and the kids.  They went on and did their safari while we parked up and then they had a fastpass for the Navi River Journey.  We went to Dinoland and had a ride on Dinosaur and also It’s Tough to be a Bug, and then we met up with them in Africa.

Asher wanted to go and see the Lion King musical show which we all love too.  We decided to split for a little while though.  Daisy and Laura – the daring duo – went off to ride Expedition Everest.  This is a heavily themed indoor/outdoor rollercoaster which is themed around a train trip through the Himalayas to Mt. Everest.  A the pinnacle of a beautiful mountain ride, a giant Yeti suddenly appears in front of the train and this sends it plunging backwards down the track at enormous speed.  Did I mention this was backwards?????  Anyway, they loved it,

We more sensible souls, accompanied Asher to the Lion King which was brilliant as usual.  So lovely to watch their little faces, so spellbound with wonder at the shows.

By the time we all met up again, it was midday and the kids were hungry.  Mike and Laura took them for lunch and we headed out of the park, back to the condo for our own lunch.  We have quite a bit of food we need to get through before we leave next week – we’ve eaten out more than we expected to.  So had a roast chicken on timer.  While we waited, Daisy and I went down to the pool and had a sunbathe for a while.  Headed back to the park at 4, fed for the day.

Found Mike and family in a quiet corner of Dinoland, both children resisting a nap, too excited.  We watched them while Mike and Laura rode Dinosaur and they were good as gold.  I tried the old “bore them to sleep” by pointing the stroller at a brick wall, but even that didn’t work.   So, more food was required and they went off for tea.  We scurried off to our fastpass on a Kilimanjaro Safari.  Very good.  I like these dusk/sunset ones.  You see a lot of animals.

Met up with everyone again in Pandora and had a short look around, the lighting was just coming on.  But it was 7 by now and the kids were really tired so Mike and Laura headed off.  We headed to watch the Rivers of Light show.

Bob and I had seen it before but it was a first for Daisy.  To be honest, the storyline of the show is pretty non existent.  It’s sort of about “We are one” i.e. with nature and the planet.  The lighting effects and special effects are fantastic though.  It is really quite beautiful in its lake setting.  We enjoyed it.

After that we walked back into Pandora to see all the luminescent lighting effects which are very beautiful.  Daisy really loved it.

Got home about 9ish, totally tired, but a very good day and we loved being able to share it with Mike and the family.