Christmas Comes to Florida!

After another enormous breakfast for Bob and Daisy (yes…. bitterness has sunk in…..LOL ), we set off for Hollywood Studios.  Parked for free at the Boardwalk Hotel (Result!!!!!) and walked in.  Imagine our surprise to get through the turnstiles and find that Christmas has arrived!  All the decorations were changed from the Halloween/Autumn theme that was present on our last visit.  Now, there are Christmas trees attached to the lamp posts, Christmas wreaths and festoons, poinsettias in massive displays, and even a light dose of carolling coming from the stores.  A little bit odd I grant you with the temperature hovering around 29C/90F but still…..  I was really pleased to see it and I hope the other parks follow suit before we leave to go home.  We have never visited the parks at Christmas and its about the only decorative theme I haven’t seen.

Had a really good, leisurely morning in the park.  Just strolled around, admiring the decorations and the detailing and taking pictures.  We saw two shows: Beauty and the Beast and the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.  Both really amazing.  The stunt show is very exciting, lots of fire, explosions, cars over-turning.  We also went on the Star Tours ride and caught the Star Wars show and parade.

Daisy and I went to see Mickey and Minnie and took some pictures.  I had to lure Daisy in until it was too late to turn back!!!!! She thought it was a ride!  Never too old to not want to get a hug from a 6 foot Mouse!

Came back to the condo for lunch and had a good rest, then headed out to one of our favourite restaurants, Moonfish.  I constantly call it Moonpig by mistake!!!!!  They have a fantastic restaurant where we have eaten dinner several times but tonight we were just going to their Happy Hour (well…. 2 hours to be accurate) and eating at the bar.  The happy hour menu is great: oysters, clams, calamari, really good sushi, bao…..  We didn’t book dinner in the dining room because we know only too well that we pig out at the bar and then can’t eat dinner…..

So, the food and atmosphere was just as buzzy and exciting as ever.  We really like this place.  We had plates of sushi and sashimi, fresh oysters, oysters grilled with garlic and cheese…. more sushi and sashimi.  All excellent and very reasonably priced.  The only downer was our waiter who was not very friendly.  And we had a big beef with him over the bill which we then reflected in his tip.  We were ordering food and drink from the happy hour menu.  Martinis were 4$.  Daisy and I ordered a plain gin martini each from that menu.  He asked us what gin we wanted.  We shrugged and looked blank and said, “whatever”, Bob said “Bombay” and the waiter nodded and off he went. So we were quite surprised when the bill came and instead of 4$ each for the martinis, it was $14 each.  We remonstrated with him and said “we were clearly ordering from this menu, if it was going to be more, you should have advised us” but he wasn’t interested.  So we paid up but took it off his tip.  I was frankly furious.

Afterwards we went to the nearby outlet mall and did some more Christmas shopping.  A very enjoyable evening there.  Got home about 10, tired but happy.

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