A No Disney Day!

Today we drove over to Melbourne for a family afternoon at Stacy’s house.  We were the first to arrive at around 12. Her new house is a really nice place, very open plan and newly fitted.  She has great taste and it looks good.  The community swimming pool is just across the road which is great.

We were soon joined by Danny and Heather, Harriet, Mike, Laura, Asher and Hannah, Buddy (Stacy and Franny’s dad) and then Erica and Zachary, Stacy’s children, who are around Daisy’s age.  Stacy put on a really lovely spread for us and Heather had baked the most amazing rum cake.  I could have eaten the whole thing!  Utterly delicious.

It was a really lovely afternoon and the children were adorable and I managed to get some snuggle time with Hannah.  They put their Halloween costumes on for us.  Totally cute.

Harriet was on very good form and it clearly cheered her up so much to have her boys and their families around her.  She had a great time.  Always hard to say goodbye which we did at the end.   I feel very lucky to have been part of this lovely family for the past 45 years.

We got back to Orlando at around 645.  We weren’t hungry at all so instead of going home for dinner, we drove down to Disney Springs and went to see Thor Ragnarok.  It was sooo good.  Very witty and obviously spectacular to look at.  An amazing cast with all sorts of people popping up in cameos.  Really enjoyed it.  Definitely the best Marvel comic film I’ve seen.