Tick Tick Tick

Our time in Orlando is fast drawing to a close and with it our holiday with Daisy.  We are having such a fantastic time we really don’t want it to end.  So, packing in as much as we can to our last few days.

Yesterday we went to Epcot morning and evening for our final visit.  The weather has turned hot again and the crowds are rising ahead of Thanksgiving and the main holiday season here.  It was definitely more crowded in the park and as a result not so enjoyable.  Still, we managed a last few rides and also enjoyed the Food and Wine Festival and part of a concert from Boyz II Men.  Our last ride was Soarin’ which takes you on a world journey!  Seemed appropriate….   We tried twice to get onto the new Frozen ride.  The first time, it was out of action (stayed that way for a couple of hours) and the second time, the line was just too long.  For the future then!

Today, we spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon and had just the most fun.  The weather was absolutely perfect today.   About 86F, cloudless, sunny, blue sky, just lovely.  The water park wasn’t crowded at all and we found loungers in a good place with plenty of space around.

Sunbathed and read.  Wallowed around the Lazy River a good number of times.  Daisy really enjoyed it as the water was warm.  We also went on a couple of the ring slide tubes which were huge fun and on the new Miss Adventure Falls, a family raft ride.  This last one was absolutely great.  You sit in a round raft and it shoots down a long slide, up and around bends, dropping down waterfalls, through dark tubes, across rapids, under squirts.  We hooted and screamed all the way.  Went on that one twice!!!

Left the park at about 430, came home and did a little packing.  Then we went out for dinner at the Longhorn Steakhouse and all had prime rib.  Absolutely lovely washed down with a bottle of merlot.  Bob and Daisy had the mashed potato which I had a meagre taste of:  utterly yummy!!!

After that we went into the Prime Outlets (well…. it was next door) for a couple of hours and had a look around and did a bit of shopping.  I realised today when packing that I had made a bit of a blunder and not packed any closed in shoes, only sandals.  As New York is pretty cold at the moment as is the Atlantic and the UK, it would make for chilly walking.  Picked up some super comfy loafers in AeroSoles.  I have weird feet – very wide, super high instep…. makes shoe buying a challenge but this shop was full of comfy shoes that weren’t completely hideous.  Am absolutely square with all my Xmas shopping now.  It’s done!  I can come home and pretty much relax. I know you hate me now….. 🙂

So, tomorrow is our last day here and our last day with Daisy.  We are planning a bumper day!  We take her to the airport tomorrow night then come back and finish our own packing as we get our train on Thursday morning.   I’m glad we are not here longer once she has gone.  We’ve so enjoyed our time with her, it would seem flat to be without her.  It’s good that we are moving on too.  So, last Orlando blog tomorrow!

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