Last Day in Orlando!

And so it dawned…. our last day in Orlando.  And actually we were just about up to see it.  The alarm went off at 615 – it was still dark outside – and Bob heroically put the coffee on to drip and knocked on Daisy’s door.

I got up and made them both toasted Everything Bagels with crispy bacon and cheese filling and somehow we made it out of the apartment with Daisy fully packed and ready for the airport by 0710.

As is our tradition, we were having a last visit to the Magic Kingdom on our last day.  We like to begin and end there.  Today, the MK opened at 8 and we wanted to be there for that and get a couple of good hours in, before lots of people descended.  At that point we were off to Typhoon Lagoon till it was time for the airport run.

It worked out really well.  The crowds in the park for the first two hours were really light.  Some parts were empty!  And we could really enjoy the decorations which were really lovely.  We managed to ride all the big attractions as well and even had a circuit on the People Mover, an aerial train that gives a view of the park.

We finally said farewell at about 1015, taking some last pictures in front of the giant Christmas tree.  I must say the Memory Maker photo pass that was included in our tickets was an absolute bargain and we have literally hundreds of pictures of all of us around the parks, and even some little videos.  They are ours to download.  A great extra.

Drove to Typhoon Lagoon and took up position in a quietish area around the big wave pool.  Pretty much reran yesterday afternoon: sunbathe; read; lazy river; family raft ride; repeat.  The weather was picture perfect and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Daisy got showered and changed into her travelling clothes and we drove her to Orlando Airport for check in at 5.  Her first flight is to Washington DC and then on to London overnight.  So very sorry to see her go.  We have had a really amazing time with her.  It has very much “made” our trip to have her out in Orlando with us.  We almost certainly would not have done all the Disney stuff if we’d been on our own and as you can tell, we’ve really enjoyed that.  She’s great company and I’ve also enjoyed shopping with her.  We’ll see her in a little over two weeks when the girls come down to stay with us after we get home.

Back to the condo and did our packing.  Two suitcases with all our purchases and summer clothes.  Two suitcases with cruise wear for the QM2 crossing and New York, plus other stuff, one carryon with electricals, jewellery, overnight for the train.  And of course the “dead body”…. otherwise known as Bob’s golf clubs in their travelling case which also carries some overflow packing.  Its a lot…. and a lot more than we came out with.  I have stocked up on sun products here.  My Hawaiian Tropic is about $7 for a big bottle here whereas at home it is about £11.  I use a lot so it is well worth it.

Anyway, we are ready for the next stage of our adventure!  We have had such a fantastic month here in central Florida.  So much love and thanks to all our extended “family” who helped make this stay so wonderful: Fran and Dave for their endless hospitality and great company and for introducing us to their lovely circle of friends; David for driving down from Tallahassee and being great company! Stacy for her hospitality and company; Buddy and Harriet for just being the greatest; Danny for being the best Disney and restaurant guide; Heather for being lovely and for her unbelievable and unforgettable rum cake!!!!  Michael, Laura, Hannah and Asher for coming down to Florida and letting us play for a while and enjoy the pleasure of having little kids to take to the park once again.  We love you all very much and look forward to seeing you again soon somewhere in the world – or back in Florida.