Sea Day

DSC09831Very hot day today. We were somewhere between St Helena and the African coast at lunchtime. The sea is still very calm, no wavelets and there is a light breeze across the decks. Apparently today we crossed the Greenwich Meridian.
Bob felt up to art this morning so we grabbed a quick breakfast and went along to that. I finished off my snow scene and began work on a dawn over Table Mountain picture. Going well at the moment. Bob started work on a semi abstract watercolour of two flamingos against a blue/green background. He was suffering on and off today with a sinus headache as an aftermath from his flu. Next week, we have our first exhibition and unlike any other cruise we’ve been on, this tutor wants to choose the works we exhibit. So tomorrow I have to take everything I’ve done so far and she will choose what can go up!!!!! Bit nerve-wracking! I have come to the conclusion that she has various anxiety issues and needs to be in control of all aspects of the course in order to be comfortable. Her husband and helper did point out to her that we still have 3 sea days to go before the exhibition and therefore people will do more but still……..
Bob’s headache was troubling him so he went for a lie down and to take some paracetamol and we lunched alone. I didn’t have sushi today, there was roast haunch of venison on offer so I had a big slice of that. It was delicious and very lean.
After that I went to the swimming pool and lay in the sun with my book. Bob joined me pretty soon having felt a bit better, and he’d had soup and sushi for lunch. We spent the afternoon out there. It was hot and I had to dip in and out of the pool a lot. Did some of my stretching exercises and water resistance exercises. I really caught the sun today despite putting on loads of sun cream. Not enough to be like a boiled prawn or anything, but definite pinkness through the brown. I put loads of suncream on too. There must be a lot of reflection.
Went back to the cabin at about 5 and decided to try and get some laundry done. There is a laundrette just down our corridor with 5 washers and 5 driers in. I got very lucky and only had to wait about 5 minutes to get two washes on. The machines and detergent are free but I’d bought a Tupperware of Ariel 3 in 1 as that is my favourite. The wash cycle takes 45 minutes and you have to make sure you go back for it or people get very upset as the machines are always in demand. There have been many horror tales of disputes in the laundrettes on the cruise ships LOL. It gets worse as the length of cruise goes on. My favourite incident was when two women hit each other with irons in a dispute over the board, and another over a drier which resulted in the ousted user going back and putting her pillow chocolates in the machine with the other woman’s drying clothes. 😊
Tonight we went to the crew talent show after dinner. It was fun and several of the performers (none of whom were Entertainment staff) were really good, really good. There is a passenger talent show later in the cruise so that ought to be interesting.