WIN_20180114_17_23_49_ProLovely day at sea…. Hot… still…. Calm waters. A large pod of dolphins travelled with us a lot of the time. We are somewhere off Angola today, honing in on Namibia on Wednesday.
Bob woke up with some dizziness, probably as a result of his sinus issues. He is so sick of not feeling totally well. It’s been a week now. We went to art together but he started to feel really nauseous with it and had to go back to the cabin. Got some Vick and made an inhaler bowl which helped. He also did some head exercises which the doctor gave him to do some years ago when he also developed dizzy spells, due to little bits of debris in his inner ear. So maybe its that again. Anyway, either the Vick or the exercises sorted it out and by the time I came back at midday he was fine again.
I finished my Table Mountain picture and started a still life: an onion, a fig and a mushroom. If its any good, it can go in the kitchen at home to replace an avocado one that I haven’t been very happy with. Gave Viv my handpainted masterpieces for her to vet for the exhibition. Luckily she took them all. Honestly, some people’s work is absolutely amazing. Of a standard that you would actually buy. Just brilliant. I doubt I will ever be that good, but I do enjoy it and will keep plodding on. One of the good things about these ship classes is that it forces me to attempt subjects I wouldn’t try if I were just working at home. I’m not bad at simple pictures with strong shapes like dogs or weirdly even some simple portraits, but I’m not that great at landscapes with trees or seascapes. So all the practice is good.
Had a lovely sushi lunch. It was a special day in the buffet restaurant today as the chefs had made a load of chocolate desserts: chocolates; truffles, chocolate mousses, various chocolate doughnuts, chocolate lollipops, cup cakes, many different gateaux, a chocolate fountain…. Amazing work. There were also various huge ice carvings, some of them coloured which I’d never seen before. I didn’t know it was on, so I didn’t have my camera. I’m sure they’ll do it again before Sydney so I will try and get pictures next time.
This afternoon fell into our usual pattern of lying out on the aft deck by the pool and enjoying the sun. Lots of reading; swimming; sunning; reading…
Heard a very good lecture from a speaker who is a BA Captain on Concorde. What a beautiful plane she was. I remember seeing her fly overhead in the evenings when I lived in Clapham. Someone told me that was the Barbados flight, I don’t know if that was true. Would have loved to have flown on her. Bob had a short flight once because his company made the fan blades for the engines.
Very nice dinner tonight. We are so lucky with our table. Sad thing is they are all getting off in Capetown. Have to hope our new tablemates are just as nice. I had steak as my main tonight. Green veg and no potatoes. After dinner we went to the show. It was the resident troupe of Queen Mary singers and dancers performing a show called Rhythm of the Night. Very high energy singing and dancing show, mostly Latin American rhythms. Tremendous dancing. I was exhausted just watching them and they’d already done it twice before our showing.