At Sea Again

DSC00234Back to the sea days! We have seven days at sea now before we arrive in Perth on 12th February. The weather is settled and warm now and the seas very slight.
We went to art this morning and I finished my moorland landscape. Really pleased with it. Bob finished his elephant and that’s another good one. We are having a tutorial in drawing portraits tomorrow so that could be exciting.
After art, the clocks went forward another hour. We have 4 to catch up before Perth. So now we are 5 hours ahead of the UK. Had sushi lunch and then pegged out on deck with our kindles. Normally we go to the aft pool on deck 6 but today that had a net over it. No idea why. So, we went up to the one on deck 8. I must say the loungers up there were better: wooden ones with a nice thick pad on them. The ones on deck 6 are a sort of metallic meshy material with no pad and they make your bum go numb after a while. 😊 The sun was really warm.
We went to the cinema at 5 to see The Heart of the Sea. I’ve seen it twice before but I really like the film. It has nothing to do with Chris Hemsworth at all. I think he’s a good actor obviously. 😊
Very enjoyable dinner tonight with our table companions and then the show, which was a comedian. He was really funny. I’ve seen him on t.v. I can’t remember his name…. which is awful of me.

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