Laundrette Larceny

DSC00220Another lazy sea day. No idea where we are really….. somewhere on a line SE from Mauritius towards Fremantle. Hardly any swell on the water, hot sun, blue sky.
Mornings at sea always start with art. Today we had a long demo of how to draw faces from differing angles and heads at different attitudes. Then we just practised them from various worksheets. It was quite amazing how simple it was to do, obviously not producing a likeness but definitely getting the correct angles and proportions.
Had a quick sushi lunch and then went to the new show in the Planetarium. This one was on the extreme weather found on the planets in our solar system. These films are quite short – about 20 minutes – but very informative.
Spent a few hours out on the back deck, sunning, swimming and reading. Really relaxing. Every so often they bring us iced water with slices of lemon just to make sure everyone is keeping hydrated.
It was that time again! A visit to the laundrette was in order. I went down with two bags – split lights and darks. One machine was immediately ready and I loaded that and set it going. Another one was nearly ready so I put my bag in front of it and waited. I had my Tupperware box of Ariel capsules with me and I took one out ready and put it on a little shelf behind me which I was leaning against. A man came in with a bag of washing and spoke to a woman who was ironing next to me. They seemed slightly put out that I had two loads, but heyho…. Anyway…. I saw her make a bit of a face behind my back to him and a nod, but I thought nothing of it. The next machine finished and another chap came in and loaded his washing from it into the drier. I bent and loaded my bag into it and then stood up to get my capsule and…… It had gone!!!!! I looked all around and it was nowhere to be seen. The man had stolen it!!!!! How utterly pathetic. Luckily I have come with plenty so I just got another one out of my Tupperware and started the machine off and gave him a glare.
Listened to a lecture on Near Death Experiences given by a doctor. The same chap who did Doctors That Kill a few days ago. He’s a pathologist apparently. I didn’t find it very convincing to be honest although he was clearly a believer. It was all right so far and then he seemed to segue into fundamentalist life after death etc and he lost me….. Also listened to a port talk on Fremantle. I must say it sounds amazing and I’m very much looking forward to seeing it. Also meeting two old friends/work colleagues who I haven’t seen for about 20 years so that will be exciting.
Tonight was a formal night with the theme of the Roaring Twenties. Men were in black tie, some with a slight gangster theme. Ladies were in flapper style dresses or evening dresses, some with headbands and feathers, boas…… very atmospheric. Menus on a formal night are even better than normal. I had fillet steak for my main, a lovely piece of meat cooked perfectly rare for me.
After dinner the show was a performer called Roy Wolfe, an Australian tenor who has played leading roles in many musicals including Phantom, and he’s a crossover opera artist, much like Alfie Bass. He was exceptionally good. Not only an amazing, in fact, stunning, voice but a good measure of theatricality in his performance, but nicely judged. Not over the top or embarrassing. Thoroughly good. He got a very well deserved standing ovation from the house.
We were again sitting next to the elderly couple who always try to make a fast getaway from the front row and get mercilessly called out on it by the Entertainments Director who always comes on at the end to thank the artist and highlight other activities tonight and tomorrow. Tonight was no exception. We were all standing for the ovation, when it was over, the Entertainments Director came on and everyone sat down except the couple. “Ah, my friends again looking for a fast Uber to bed” etc etc….. everyone was in fits of laughter. They had to sit down again!!! I think the truth is that it is a big effort for them to get up and once up, they don’t want to have to go through it all again. So funny…… Why do they always sit front row central???? He literally cant miss them…