Swimming With the Fishies and Dinner with Friends.

When we pulled back the curtains, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was the sort of blue, sunny day we expected every Australian day to be. Slept like logs. Maybe this is the result of having effective blinds plus being so high up the squawking birds cant wke us up!
Anyway, off down to our free buffet breakfast. It was immense and amazing and unfortunately I am never hungry enough in the morning to possibly do such a spread justice. Anyway, after eating our paltry amount, Bob suggested that we might make up a sandwich each to take to the pool to eat later. So we did. Discreetly or so we thought. Then just as we were going to get up to leave, the grumpy queen of a waiter serving our section flounced up and announced loudly that he had to advise us that any food taken out of the restaurant could not be vouched for by Marriott. Well… ok…. I did feel that after only eating poached eggs on toast, I was entitle to remove my solitary sandwich but I thank him for his sniffy announcement, remain unbowed and will be sure to mention his friendly service in my TripAdvisor review.
Spent a heavenly rest of the day by the lagoon pool This is the one with a total sandy bottom and real tropical fish swimming round the salt water. It’s a bit odd but so good. I couldn’t help but wonder at the filtration technology to keep it healthy for both humans and the fish. Think about it! But it was. Massive non-prickly puffer fish; some grouper; batfish; loads of other tropical fish. The sand on the bottom was really deep. You sank into it at times.
The Miss Galaxy contestants were much in evidence doing photoshoots around the pools. We goggled unashamedly and speculated about each of them.
It was boiling. Came upstairs about 2 and showered off and then drove about 30 mins north to Jane and Lee’s house. An amazing modern house which they designed and physically built themselves.. On the water on 2 sides with amazing mountain views behind. We had several bottles of fizz around their pool and then went to a local Thai for dinner. Which was delicious. Back to theirs. Met their two lovely sons, one of whom played us an original composition on the piano. Had such a lovely evening.
Back to the Marriott and found our bed all turned down and…..
yes! two loads more chocolates!!!!!
Cound easily survive a week of this!.