Byron Bay – Bliss on Sand!

Such a lovely night’s sleep! This apartment faces the beach and there is a fabulous sea breeze that just blows right through. Being on the third floor we can just leave the front sliding glass wall open and our bedroom windows(trees behind) are insect screened, so we can have them open too. Thanks to that and the ceiling fans, no need for a/c.
Woke up to cloudless sun, so we headed down to the beach right after breakfast. It was idyllic. Hardly a soul on there, except for a group of canoeists who were heading out to the Julian islets/rocks. We set up our little tent, laid out our beach mattresses and read! The beach here is north facing and sheltered by a headland, so it is really, really calm. Not a surfing beach AT ALL. Probably the most idyllic beach we have been on in Australia. You can wallow, swim, bob, lie in the shallows without any fear of being wiped out by a crashing wave. So we did a lot of that.
We took our chill bag down with a sandwich each and lots of Coke Zero and a flask of ice. It did us well through the day. It was really hot – 31C so important to keep drinking. Plus we had to move the tent around to keep us in the shade. Despite that, you can really see the difference today made on our tans. Getting really dark, apart from my face which is shielded under factor 40 and a hat!
The sea here is very clear – no surf to churn it up. And its warm too, I suppose because it is running out shallow over the sand. It reminds us so much of Patnem beach in its shape and contours. Headland on the right, beach running along left with another headland in the distance. The water is like Patnem too in temperature, but clearer and less waves. There aren’t any shacks along the back of the beach, all the development is across the road, and then there are trees along the back of the beach. But…. Something, the vibe… the geography, just is very much like Patnem.
We were going to eat out tonight, but being Monday, several of the restaurants we were considering were shut. So we ate in. Massive, thick kangaroo steaks with a lovely salad. Washed down by a bottle of Penfolds Kalumna….. one of my favourites….. It’s lovely to eat outside at night here. Very warm and just enough breeze. Could easily…. Easily… spend a week or two here. Probably, our favourite place so far in many ways…. Keep saying that, I know! 😊
So, after our steaks, we caught up on more Brit tv c/o Bob’s iPad: Requiem and more Masterchef.
Tomorrow morning we are on an early dive…..