Kitchen Sink Drama!

DSC01527So , today Bob’s job was to change the tap on the kitchen sink!  It should have been a relatively simple job, but as is often the case, it wasn’t because the tap had become inseparable from the sink.  Just totally corroded on!   He ended up having to saw it off with his Dremel while lying under the sink.  When he emerged triumphant, his face and upper torso and arms were covered in black dust from the pipe shavings.  He looked like a coal miner.  Anyway, the tap is now well and truly changed and looks very nice!

We also had a visit from the man who is making the pergola to show us the colour he was proposing to stain the wood.  Looked very nice – a sort of dark golden teak.  He is coming tomorrow to start construction which is much earlier than we expected.  Great news.

We also had a visit from our bathroom company, Pakdus, who came to adjust the fitting of one of the shower cubicle doors.  It’s over a year since they were installed but they are still very willing to come out free of charge for any adjustments.  It only took about two minutes for them to do something with the hinges that put it to rights.

Another very, very hot day.  We spent the afternoon in the pool.  It must have been about 35-36C.  I watered the plants.

Tonight we met our friends, Pamela and Eddie, and had dinner at Calamari in Lapta.  It’s a lovely restaurant right on the water’s edge.  Stunning location.  The food was fantastic.  We had a small round of meze to start, then mains which were enormous.  I had the fish/seafood plate which was a small fillet of bream, king prawns, fried crab claws, mussels in a cream sauce, calamari fried and in a sauce….  Bob had a pork chop grilled.  It all came with several different bowls of sides: chips, mash, vegetables and a salad.  Afterwards we had coffees and brandies.  Amazing value for wonderful food in a very upmarket location.  Will definitely go back there again.