Royal Wedding and the Pergola Goes Up!


So an exciting day for Brits and Royal watchers as it was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day.  The weather back in the UK looked brilliant and it was super hot and sunny here too.  36C.  Boiling.  We tuned the television into the coverage and alternated between watching the gathering wedding guests, and swimming in the pool.

At midday I went to a wedding event in a local café/bar with our neighbour Lesley and also met Pamela there.  It was a good turnout, lots of people had tables.  We had a great view of the big screen and enjoyed watching the spectacle with some g&ts to help things along.  Most enjoyable occasion and so interesting to reflect on the modern evolution of the Royal Family to a point that would have been unimaginable back in the 1950s when I was born.  Good to see.

By the time I got back at around 5, the carpenter had been and put up the pergola.  Just the material to go on the roof, the curtains to go up and some boxing around the fixing brackets.  It should all be in place hopefully by the middle of the week.  I must say we are so delighted with it.  Even better than we envisaged.  So looking forward to getting it finished.

Habibi, the gardener, came up in the late afternoon and he also admired the pergola.  I don’t blame him for coming late in the day.  Much too hot to be working outside.

Tonight we are BBQing around the pool.  Lamb chops!!!!  Have kept them hidden from any thieving interlopers today as they defrosted in the oven.  It’s definitely hot enough for night time swimming now.