Sunny Sunday


With apologies for repetition, the heatwave out here just continues!  It was boiling by the time we got up this morning.  Had some of the delicious local cherries for breakfast.  They are fabulous.

We popped out to Mr Pound in the morning to get a few things we needed.  Inevitably you end up wandering around buying things you didn’t even know you wanted!  Everything is actually 7ytl which is a bit more than a pound but never mind.  This is a new and massive Mr Pound on the bypass on the way to Kyrenia.  The original one is still in Kyrenia itself.  2 floors are Mr Pound+ which is quite cheap stuff but not as cheap as 7 ytl!  They have all sorts.  Some absolutely horrendous tat.  Well, quite a lot of that.  But you do find the odd gem or two.  I managed to get some bits and pieces of décor for the terrace, bits of coloured glass that look nice, and also some bags of marbles that I use in recycled glass yoghurt pots to make tea light holders.  Also bought a few wind chimes as ours seem to have disappeared.  Probably blew away in the winter storms.   Stopped at Ileli on the way home and bought up a few necessities.  They have a special on tonic water at the moment.  A large bottle (75cl) for 45p.  Bought a pack of them.  Also bought some more of their butcher’s shevlaki sausages.  Great for a future bbq.

Came back and spent most of the afternoon in and around the pool.  Bob deserved a day off after all his labours!   Found three very nice inflatable pool chairs in one of the kitchen cupboards where we tend to keep such things plus children’s toys etc.   A kindly guest must have left them.  Generally the ones that get left behind have a puncture but these were gorgeous and they even had cup holders.  Indeed pool floats after my own heart! Set them up and floated them on the pool.  I was still in the water at 730 tonight.

Bob made dinner – chicken cordon bleu with some nice green beans.  Absolutely delish but the chicken breasts were enormous.  We were both stuffed.  Just enough room for a couple of scoops of Mardos ice cream.  Tonight cherry and Snickers.