Garden Lamps, Wallowing and Cocktails!


Soooo hot again today.  We meant to get up early and do some jobs before the sun really got going, but it didn’t happen.  The main task of the day was to install the garden “gas lamp” near the bbq and also hang a lamp in the apex of the upper garden gate.  Eventually the cabling will lead back to the main hallway of the house but that’s the job for tomorrow!  Bob really cracked on with it and both lamps look great.  Slightly worried that the one on the gate is likely to lobotomise anyone much taller than us…. however, once the bougainvillea which is training over the arch thickens we can move the lamp up a couple of inches to hang off a woody stem of that.  As long as you are under 6 foot tall, you can walk through the gate without worrying.  Anyone taller than that will have to go through the side of the gateway rather than the centre, or risk impalement.

The upholsterer came up at about 10.  I had arranged that I would stand in the road to signal where our house is.  That worked well!  He measured up to put the canopy over the pergola.  He did the one over our dining terrace so we know he does a great job.  He is coming back on Wednesday to install it.  The charge is £200 for the whole thing which I think is very reasonable.  The material is very heavy duty with a mix of canvas and a bit of plastic woven in to stop the material rotting so fast.  It’s working really well on the one he did 2 years ago.

I spent the rest of the day in the pool, floating on my pink throne with cupholders, reading and drinking water.  Bob joined me after lunch and we spent the hottest 3 or 4 hours of the day wallowing in there.  Heaven!

Had showers, and then g&ts on the dining balcony where it was a bit cooler.  Still very hot outside even at 630.  Maybe another night swim tonight…..  We are using our own lemons now in the g&ts.  They are so nice.  Sweet lemons, very different from the normal English lemon.  A little bit of orange in there…. Anyway, yum in the drink…..  There’s just something about hot nights and cocktails isn’t there?  Made for each other.

We ate at home again tonight.  I steamed some white fish with vegetables and we had some fried crab claws to add a bit of crunch.   Tomorrow we WILL get up early as we have a number of shopping and collection errands to run.