Lamps, Pedicures, and the Best Sort of Recycling!


A  day today weatherwise, hot, sunny and dry.  Bob’s task for the day was to wire in and hang our Aladdin’s Lamp over the dining table in the new pergola.  An easier task that the other wiring as we already had a stick light in the area so he “just” had to spur a new cable off that, up and over into the beams of the pergola and then drop the light.  It still was a good old job but no problems and again, we are delighted with the result.

I got some of the old curtains down and generally did small jobs this morning.  Then, I went to Amore for a shellac pedicure for 1pm.  No gossip today as I was the only one there.  Had a very nice pedicure and my toes ended up a lovely bright red.  If my strange, wide and highly arched feet can ever look good, they do today.  It cost a tenner.

Came back and gave Bob a hand with the light and then we had a good tidy up of all the electrical tools etc – that’s it for them this trip!  And a lovely swim and wallow.

Tonight we ate in the pergola with our new lights on!  Bob bbq’d sheftali and I made a herb salad, tomatos, chillis and warm pita bread to go with.  All delicious.  And so nice to sit out in our hard work!!!  A fabulous sunset again tonight.

Ah, yes, recycling!  There isn’t a lot of it visibly on the island in the sense that we have it in the UK ie lots of different colour bins.  However, the way it works here, is – in my view – the best kind.  We put out a whole raft of stuff we no longer wanted a few days ago.  Just put it at the end of our drive, at the roadside.  Over the last few days, nearly everything has gone.  I’ve seen the trucks pull up and a local get out, take a few things and drive on.  They’ll use it or refurbish and use it or sell it.  I love that!!!!  I love the fact that something we no longer have a use for is being taken on and re-used.

This is a lovely place.  Frustrating at times.  Different from the UK – hell, yes.  Better in some ways, worse in others.  But charming and lovely, definitely.  We are so very lucky to be able to live here whenever we can.



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