Relaxation is but a short shift away!


Up early and set to our tasks because I had appointments this afternoon at the beauty salon! 🙂

We determined – yay yay yay thank you Lord – that the one coat of paint around the kitchen was perfectly acceptable in all lighting conditions!  So this morning we started to put the kitchen back to rights.  Bob had some filling and some grouting to do in there.  I started rehanging pictures and things like that.

We finally hung up the new kitchen curtains which dress the French windows out to the dining terrace.  Gosh, they look nice!  Then we moved on to other small tasks. Bob painted the little filled holes in the front of the house where the garden light cabling had come through.  I put another coat of Hammerite on the refurbished table.  Complaint!  We bought a tin clearly labelled “Hammered finish” and it isn’t.  The paint is perfectly flat finish.  No matter.  The table looks good enough.  It’s on the terrace by the sofa ready to support your evening cocktails!

I can’t even remember half the other small jobs we did.  We had lunch standing up (so bad, I know…) and then I headed off to Amore at about 1.45.  I had a CACI facial which was right on the edge of painful and sometimes crossed the edge but I stoically persevered.  I must say my skin looked really good at the end of the hour.  Then I went downstairs to the hairdresser.  And an amazing cut.  Amazing.  And it was £10.  Honestly… just amazing.  I do love my hairdresser at home, the lovely Theresa at Saffron in Hythe, but…. this guy!

Called at the supermarket on the way home and picked up some lovely meat and fish.  Got back about 5pm.  We hung the last of the curtains and tidied up  and then collapsed!

A nice strong g&t and I made fish and fried crab claws for dinner with a Caesar salad.  Watched the last episode of The Split, which we have enjoyed so much.  Hope there is a second series.  Yeah… there will be!