China Bazaar


A massive thunder storm in the night, thunder, lightning, the works.  And a downpour of rain, torrents of it.  A good test for Bob’s electrics and the pergola curtains anyway!  No need to worry, they all survived!

Just a last few jobs to do today and a massive clean and tidy right through the house.  We seem to have made a lot of dust over the last three weeks!  Of course the vacuum cleaner decided to play up and I took it to bits (after a small kick!) to find that the dust filters were absolutely choked with fine dust and needed washing.  At least nothing takes long to dry here.  Had a good mop through as well, which seems as necessary with dust as does vacuuming.

By 1130, it was so hot and I was so tired… we just had to stop.  It just becomes unpleasant.  I was all for falling straight into the pool, but Bob suggested we head off to China Bazaar to pick up a few bits of – yes – china that we were lacking.  We have always had a big array of crockery available for guests.  I really hate it when I rent an apartment or a house and there’s exactly one plate for each person!  Come on!  No one comes on holiday wanting to wash up and we don’t really want guests to have to use the dishwasher just because there aren’t any plates left!  So, we’ve always had 16 of everything.  That’s two per guest because the house sleeps 8.  However, over the last couple of years we’ve had a few breakages – it happens, no worries – and also we have a big shindig here in a couple of weeks, so we decided to buy 6 new dinner plates to bring us up to 18 and 4 new cereal bowls which we were a bit low on.

Which brings me to China Bazaar.  It’s a massive shop that sells all sorts these days, very cheaply.  I won’t lie.  It’s cheap stuff 🙂   We used to drive out to Catalkoy to the original one there, but a couple of years ago they opened a new one in Karaoglanoglu, our side of Kyrenia.  Its on three floors and whilst they do have masses and masses of china and glassware, pans etc, they also have gardening stuff, suitcases (very good for suitcases), clothes, shoes…..  We got our crockery and also some extra ice cream glass dishes.  Now that Mardos is a permanent feature at the bottom of the hill, it would be rude not to.  Also bought our daughter, Daisy, a fabulous hard shell suitcase, a large expandable one on 4 wheels for £20.  So, if you come to stay, and you want a new suitcase, that’s the place to look.  It’s on the main road.

Did a bit of a shop at Starlings supermarket on the way home.  Spent the afternoon in and around the pool.  Just sooooo hot.   I am still enjoying my floating seat with the cupholders!

Bob was so tired, he fell asleep and I took over his normal duties and lit the bbq!  He has worked incredibly hard and I don’t help, waking up with the sun at 0530 most mornings.

So tonight we had dinner in the pergola – lamb rib chops bbqd and sweet red peppers.  Followed by Magnums and coffee!!!! These little lamb ribs were amazingly sweet.  I think, the same cut as my mum used to roast as breast of lamb, or stew, a very cheap wartime cut of meat.  I grew up on it and love it.  You have to be able to chew a bone, like a sparerib.  I got the most enormous pile of them from the Ileli butcher – my friend.  About 50 for about 50 YTL.  Multiple meals.

Later, we swam in the pool as the sun set.  Not in our cozzies.  Don’t worry, approaching guests, we only do this when we’re on our own!!!!!  No need to fear!  This is such a perfectly private paradise….. we are so lucky.