And…… rest.….

It almost felt like we were on holiday today!  A leisurely breakfast…. hot sun… blue sky…. no jobs, or hardly any…..   then I noticed that water was coming out of the pool room…. eeeek… the casing of the pool filter had split.  We turned it off and will have to get the man up tomorrow.  I fear it may be a new pump…….  water was gushing out, thank heavens I saw it quickly.

After a bit of a tidy around we relaxed around the pool all day.  Habibi, the gardener, came up late morning and had a really good session.  He planted 4 oleander bushes and 2 very large bougainvilleas and relocated a sizeable pine tree that had grown from seed in the front garden.  He really liked our pergola.  His friend the carpenter built it but Habibi hadn’t seen it since the curtains and the lamp went up.

We had a walk around the little fledgling orchard and he pointed out some of the fruit and nuts that are forming.  There was a lot more earlier in the year but a late storm blew it all off the trees.  Never mind we have some now and there will be a later harvest in the autumn too.  We have pomegranates, lemons, figs and almonds on the trees.  Oranges, grapefruit and loquat will be late summer.  It’s exciting to see them!


It was so hot today.

Tonight we had more of the little lamb ribs bbq’d and a Caesar salad, under the pergola.  A hot night and a beautiful sunset.  Tomorrow our first visitors arrive, John and Sue, family from Hythe.  They have been spending some days in Istanbul so we will look forward to hearing all about that.