We were up early today to prepare to pick John and Sue up from the airport at 11.  Bob went down to the swimming pool equipment company for 830 and bought a new pump.  Drat.  They are coming to fix it tomorrow morning.  I suppose its not bad.  I can’t even remember if we’ve ever had to buy a new one before in the 12 years we’ve been here.

An easy run to Ercan airport.  We stopped on the way at the big supermarket, on the outskirts of Nicosia.  It was huge and had a massive variety of goods.  Like a cross between a supermarket and B&Q.  Definitely worth a return visit.  I bought two lovely village style loaves of bread, still warm from the oven.

John and Sue’s flight was bang on time at 1115 and they were quickly through immigration and baggage reclaim.  It was lovely to see them and hear about their days in Istanbul.  Sounded like they had an amazing time.

We got back to the villa by about 1245 and had lunch out on the terrace.  It was hot.  We quickly got changed into our swimmies and spent the afternoon around and in the pool.  John fell asleep on one of the floats IN the pool.  The rest of us dozed on the sun loungers.  All very peaceful and nice.

Met up for g&ts at 630 washed down with some Leonard Cohen and then we drove out to dinner.  We headed for the Domus Adres in Karaoglanoglu but found it closed.  Many restaurants close on a Monday but I’d checked and they were meant to be open.  No matter we drove up the coast 1/4 mile to Ambiance and ate there.  First time we’ve been since the remodelling and it is still a very glamourous location.  I did prefer the view when it was just the old olive mill on the headland rather than a big hotel, but still, just superb.  We sat on the dock right over the water.  It was a bit breezy but not at all cold.  The chaps had the full mixed kebab meze, Sue had lime, cilantro and pistachio crusted cod and I had… lamb cutlets!!!! It all came with a raft of sides, and we washed it all down with sparkling water, beers and a glass of red wine and finished up with coffee and teas.  About £15 each, not bad for such an upmarket restaurant and location.  It would cost a fortune on the Costa del Sol or the South of France for anything similar.

Drove home and had brandies and liquers on our terrace looking up at the stars.  We saw the ISS go over at about 1030.  And more Leonard…..

A very nice day and a great start to the holiday.