BBQ in Splendour


A very lazy day today!  The weather was hot and sunny all day but with a very stiff breeze.  Guests always underestimate how strongly the wind can blow.  Literally, one minute it’s 15C, the next it’s 35C.  And vice versa.

We had a fabulous brunch all together at 10, at the Wild Duck restaurant in Karsiyaka.  Emma and her husband run it and Emma is David and Deborah’s daughter.  So very much a family affair.  I have to say that the food is very far above a family affair.  Superb and we must go back again for lunch or dinner.  It’s a great place for a family meal especially.  Little paddling pool, climbing apparatus, chickens, ducks, a big grassy lawn… perfect……    Anyway, we had a lovely old people’s brunch!   Wild Duck

Spent the afternoon around the pool and then to Pam and Eddie’s house for an evening bbq.  Have I told you about their fabulous, planned from scratch house????  Probably not because it’s private.  But… just imagine Santa Monica/California Hills splendour suspended between the mountains and the sea.  They planned it from nail to roofing tile and it’s totally, the perfect house.

Anyway, we had a fantastic bbq up there tonight, great food, wine, views, company and conversation.

Thank you all for a fab Cyprus day!