Last Day for the Big Gang!

DSC01627So, today was the last day that we will be large in numbers.  Jane and Paul, Janet and Joseph go home in the early morning tomorrow.  Well, that just meant we had to make the most of it.

So this morning Bob and I, Joseph and Janet headed off to Kyrenia for a last shopping expedition.  They wanted to buy some Ottoman lamps in the lovely shop down near the harbour and also some Turkish Delight.  We had a good walking tour around town.  I think they were impressed by the range of shops.  They bought some lamps, sweets etc.  Such good buys. I bought a box of blended fruit ad flowers tea.  I hope it’s nice.

Came home for lunch which was utterly delicious leftovers from last night in a great big meze on the terrace.  It was even better for a night’s stewing.  Then we spent the afternoon around and in the pool.

We were booked to eat at Ambience tonight but the wind was still very stiff today and it was too much for dining on the dock down there.  Instead, we booked to dine at Silver Rocks in Lapta.  We havent been there for some years and we were really impressed with how much better the venue is now.  Definitely some money has been spent in building the restaurant.  We were a huge table of 14 and they were busy anyway.  Many of us had steaks and they were great.  The peppercorn sauce was lovely.  Some of the other dishes were less successful.  The service was still not great.  Lots of drinks mixups.  Still…. amazing value for money.  On balance, I still prefer Calamari or Ambience for seaside dining, but give it a try and see what you think.

On the way home our gear box collapsed and we could only access 1st gear…. which was interesting to say the least.  Hopefully we will get a replacement in the morning.

Our own last day tomorrow…. this has been a really great trip with so much good company.  Up early in the morning to say goodbye to Joseph and Janet whose taxi arrives at 0530!  YIKES

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